EMS Billing Services

Services are currently provided in the following States, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, California and Utah

AR Management & Solutions, LLC was established in 1999 to provide Private and Public EMS Billing and Collections. Since 1999 our growth as a company reflects, servicing EMS revenue for more than 28 cities, counties, and private EMS providers. The level of service provided by our Client’s range from BLS Non Emergency to SCT transports. ARMS, has established a reputation as a business that gets results and is consistent.

Our clients’ are offered custom tailored billing technology as requested, paperless run reports or on-line access. Prompt processing of all run reports, transmission within 48 hours of receipt ensures our Clients' have a steady stream of revenue. Prompt follow up on all denials which are completed daily by our staff. The human element remains imperative when it pertains to billing. Each Client has their own assigned CSR or (Client Service Representative) this enables our clients’ and our staff to address any issues promptly as they arise. We offer our Clients access to Panasonic ToughBooks and work with our Clients customizing EMS charts or any other EPCR chosen.

We also offer new EMS services help in completing their CMS 855B application.

We strive to maximize and expedite our clients’ revenue on a daily basis by maintaining a quality staff, providing provider workshops and offering our clients training, seminars, and advise particulars for internal procedures resulting in higher profits. ARMS, has a consistent and above industry standard results for EMS & Ambulance billing and EMS Collections. Our approach and reimbursement process coupled with a very competitive fee has allowed us to maximize our clients’ return on its revenue. We are located in Arlington, Texas and currently offer EMS Billing and Ambulance Billing service to clients’ located across the State. We have the capabilities to service Clients’ in New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Maryland and California. We can be reached at 877-650-0953

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