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Services are currently Provided in the following States, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas

ARMS is an EMS billing company whose objective is to collect the most money for its EMS providers in the shortest period of time possible. This is done by integrating our billing program with the Clients’ current procedures and offering advice where any changes might be made to increase revenue. Our Billing Department specializes in billing BLS, ALS and MICU and any fixed or rotary wing transports to Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial Insurance and Workers Comp as well as uninsured or Private Pay accounts.

We continuously work with all Clients’ to assure they are complying with Medicare (CMS) guidelines, by offering education classes for staff on a regular basis. We also have quarterly meetings in our home office in Irving Texas with our Trailblazer representative that we encourage our entire Clients’ base to attend either in person or VIA conference call.

EMS Billing is not a difficult process as long as there are procedures in place and implemented on a consistent and daily basis. ARMS, is a specialized Ambulance Billing Company that prides itself in the consistent results it obtains for its Clients’. We feel our service is superior to other EMS Billing Companies due to our daily hands on approach with our Clients and the access we provide our Clients’ to their data. We recommend RAM EPCR program or EMS Charts a web based electronic run report if they are looking for this option.

Listed below are some of the services we provide our billing Clients’

Ambulance Billing Services

EMS Billing Services

Medicare Billing

EMS Medicare Billing and Compliance

Medicaid Billing

Commercial Insurance Billing

48 hour run report processing time in most instances.

Nationwide Claims Processing

On line Database Access

Emergency Medical Services Billing

All ARMS employees adhere strictly to the FDCPA, FCRA, TDCA, HCFA and HIPAA guidelines.

ARMS believes that the Quality of the Billing and Collection Service chosen by any business should hold a reputation that it would continue to enhance that reputation the business has worked so hard to build.

For more details about our Billing and Collection Services please contact us at 877-650-0953.

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